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  We're gearing up for our 2014 Moms Night Out event and this year promises to be the best one yet. Enjoy an evening of fine food, entertainment, demonstrations, vendors and giveaways at the 2014 Moms Night Out, Aug. 21 at Ceruti's! Buy your tickets now here.

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Back to school

Are you ready for the kids to head back to school?

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Giving Back?

We all want to give back to our communities. In which area do you give the most?

Superstore Savings?

What do you think of the new Costco coming to town?

Family Pets

With pets being considered members of the family these days, what is your most-preferred household pet?

Impromptu Dinner

When time is tight or you've had one of THOSE days, what's your go-to impromptu dinner for the family?

Daily Exercise

A recent poll showed that women are opting for strength training as their form of exercise. Which type of workout do you prefer?

First Date

What age bracket do you think is most appropriate to let your teen (girl or boy) start dating?

Too Young for a Tatt?

Seventeen-year-old American swimmer Missy Franklin wants to get an Olympic rings tattoo. What are your thoughts on this?

Back to School

This year, what's your biggest purchase priority for back-to-school shopping?

Given recent acts of violence, how do you feel about letting your kids go to the movie theater?


In celebration of July 4th this week, what are you favorite type of fireworks?