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MARCH 22, 2014

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How do you get your child to sleep?

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Summertime thrills!

What are you looking forward to doing most this summer?

School's out for Summer

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, what is the FIRST thing you plan to have your children do this summer?

What's your name?

The trend among new mothers this year seems to be naming babies after celebrities such as Adele or Ashton. What was (or is) the biggest factor in selecting your child's name(s)?

Who's the hottest?

Which male actor do you think is the hottest?

Time for You?

In today's hectic world, how often do you get the chance to make a little "me time"?

Swearing kids

Are kids who swear a sign of poor parenting?

Pregnant belly photos ... really?

How do you feel about pregnant bare belly pictures on Facebook or other social media sites?

Fast food frenzy

Allen County recently ranked 35th in the state for having healthy residents. One of the reasons we didn't score higher is because we have a plethora of fast food options.

To hoodie or not to hoodie?

After hearing about Geraldo Rivera's FOX news network message urging teens to not wear hoodies (in response to the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida), what are your thoughts on letting teens wear hood

What is the biggest challenge in raising teens today?

It seems like children are growing up faster and faster these days. What is your biggest challenge in raising teens in today's society?