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Toys or books?

Would you rather buy a book or a toy for your child — or neither?

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Having more

If you could have more of just ONE thing, which would you pick?

Summer camp

Will your children be attending a summer camp this year?

Snow daze

With yet another snow day, we're wondering what you do with your children on snow days when you have to work.

FWCS transportation changes

Are you affected by the upcoming changes to the Fort Wayne Community Schools' transportation plan? How will this affect your family?

Are single-parent families unhealthy?

Are families headed by a single mother or single father inherently bad for children?

The world's worst holiday gift

Which of these would you hate to receive for the holidays?

Holiday shopping

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?

Do you let your children play online games?

Is it too early for Christmas decorations?

Too old to trick or treat?

How old is too old to trick or treat?