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As I approach my 42nd birthday, I'm constantly facing things about my body that aren't, well, quite what they were in my 20s or even my 30s. I'd like to think about something a little more positive, and I know there are some benefits to being a mom in her 40s. Help me out, ladies -- what are some of the things you think are better about parenting at this age?


While there are definitely changes that aren't so good with aging, there are positives too. I've learned to let the little things go and I feel like I'm definitely more relaxed as a parent. As you age, you gain knowledge and that's key for parenting. I've learned that I don't have all of the answers (kids tend to throw us a curve ball ALL.OF.THE.TIME!) and I'm more open to others opinions and what works for them. I love where I am in life. I think 99% of it is what you make of it. I choose to embrace this season and live it to the fullest!

I'm a 41yr old mom of a 16yr old son, and 3yr old daughter!! Not my plans, but it was God's plan! I'm thankful to be a mom, and I truly agree with the above comment(krisco4). There a lot of changes or situations that I was faced with when I was a younger mother and faced with similar situations now, that I know I have learned & grown from tose situations. I often say there is no "true handbook" for parenting, and everyday is different, and subject to change.I also choose to embrace this season and live it to the fullest, life is too short to do otherwise!

Kudos to you moms!!! I was 19 when I started & 25 when I was done. I have 3 wonderful children & 1 step-son. I would not have thought of having a baby now & Im 35!= no energy! LOL :) Keep up the good work & have a great day!! :)