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Hi ladies, I'm new to this group! I'm 24 with two boys, 4 & 1. I'm looking to make new friends! Would love to have some play dates! We live in whispering meadows addition off Illinois rd :)


Hi! I'm new in this group too!! I have a boy who is almost 4 , and we are looking to make new friends too!.. We live very close from your Addition so if you are interested let me know and we can get together maybe in the park !

Looks like you two have a well-matched group! I'm glad you were able to connect here. I don't know how you both feel about it, but if you're looking to meet others in the group, you may want to try picking a date & location and posting it here. If others want to show up, great. If they don't, you'll still be getting together to meet. Buckner Park is not far from you, and it has a splash pad for hot days. 

No pressure, of course. :) I just wanted to let you know what's worked for some of the other groups.

Welcome to the group!

Thanks! I'm late on seeing this but I'm still interested in meeting other families :-)