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I like using the website Swagbucks. You can spend as much or as little time as you want to earn points. You earn points by lots of different ways of your choosing, like polls, very short videos, surveys, etc. If you end up downloading their toolbar (a strip at the top of your browser that you can display or not display), you'll even get points just for the searching you do online. You may have seen people post about this on Facebook. As your swagbucks add up, you can trade them in for gift cards. This is my favorite part because it's an easy way to squirrel away funds for Christmas gifts and the other things that come up. I never really paid much attention to this feature, but apparently, you can get points for people who choose to use the site after taking your referral link. You can check out the site just by going to If you'd like to use a referral link, feel free to use mine: :-)

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I love Swagbucks!! Having saved up enough points, I was able to get enough in Amazon gift cards to buy my and clear! That was almost two years ago. Swagbucks helps me get gifts for my kids at Christmas time...which is a tremendous help!