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Eastern Time vs. Central Time

Should Indiana change its time zone to be more aligned with Chicago in the Central Time Zone or should Hoosiers stay mainly in the Eastern Time Zone?

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If you are an avid coupon-clipper (i.e. new show on TLC) or just getting started, this is your group!

Where do you get your best coupons?


Journal gazette website?

Is there anywhere on the journal gazette website that let's you know ahead of time what inserts are in the journal gazette?

Mothers Around The Lagrange Area

My name is Lori and I am a stay at home mother on disability. I'm looking to chat with other women around this area. My email is: or text me at: 260-668-9380


Hello Coupon clipper group. hoping to get some great details from you all.


Pre-order Inserts

How do you pre-order inserts in Fort Wayne?


Coupon Classes available in Fort Wayne

Just wanted to let you know there are coupon classes available at this link:

Local couponers

I don't want to step on anyone's toes if there happens to be someone on here in the coupon business so please don't be offended :-) I just want to let this group know that there is another place to go

Will trade Penguin Point Coupons good thru 9/2012

I have over 20 sheets of Penguin Point Coupons good through 9/16/2012. 15 coupons to a sheet. I will trade for grocery and HBA coupons, so make an offer! :)

Coupons on Cards

I heard that you can some how put coupons on your savings card like on your Krogers preferred card. The when you check out they scan your card and your coupons automatically show up in the register.

Need your help

Hi Coupon Clippers group!

Extreme couponing

Can somebody tell me how these extreme couponers are able to save so much money?

Coupon sites

I get a lot of my coupon ins and outs from some great websites that tell me where to get them and what stores have the best deals that week. They pair up the coupons to the sales.