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I just want to give a shout out to all those responsible for Wildcat Ball. I have grandchildren that are participating in this program and they really enjoy it! The coaches at our site are absolutley the best. They are teaching the children all the fundamentals and rules. They are so encouraging to each child. WOW What a group!

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We have been very pleased with our experience in Wildcat. The kids love playing and hubby and I like that it doesn't cost a fortune for the kids to participate.

My kids are looking forward to joining Wildcats again next year. It ended up being a totally positive experience for us and we would recommend it to anyone!

We will try it when the kids are old enough

They would probably really enjoy it.

Yes I am sure they would probably enjoy it, most kids do. I think they have to be five to participate. It's really low cost though and worth the time.

we've got a few years to go then

I would like to get our youngest into something like that, he is 9yrs. is there a link? am I too late for this yr?

looks like registration is june 1 and 8th

Thanks :)

What is nice for your son's age Erika is that the coaches still pitch for the least the first two innings. After that, they let kids try, but they step in if they have so many walks or hit a batter. My son was nervous going in thinking it was other kids pitching. He loved batting when the coaches pitched. :)

what ages is this for?

I was thinking the kids have to be a little bit older but not sure. Hope one of the moms with Wilcat experience can better awnser ur question.

Thanks I did see a league for children my sons age called something like little sluggers.

really? I will google that. My kids are young as well.

Found it for both of us.
How old are your children? My son is 2 1/2.

Thanks for finding the link. I will bookmark it

No problem you are very welcome.