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Where are places to donate food to help people this thanksgiving? I'm sure many families could use some help so i was just wondering.

7 Replies

Community Harvest Food Bank, Christmas Bureau, grocery stores (they have bins), churches and many brick and mortar stores have bins too. I am seeing them everywhere! Hard times for sure...with lots of people needing help!

Wow lots to chose from! We donated through our church where we used to live.

I was surprised when I walked into the orthodontists office with my son yesterday and saw a donation box asking for donations for the food bank. I also stopped in at the Girl Scout Council only to a similar box near the door. Lots of people are looking to help and that is great!

That's great! Love to see lots of people giving!

Me too! Even when times are bad, people are generous.

Yeah probably Community Harvest Foodbank
But also other places to donate not food related
You could probably even call a local school and ask to adopt a family. Salvation Army, Angel Tree, Toys for Tots.

o yea, adopting a family is another good idea