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Just a fun topic to share what we do every day. I'm a stay at home mommy.

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I'm a stay at home mom to four great kids. We are in our second year of homeschooling and are loving our new routine. I love my job and am so grateful to be able to stay home with our kids.

it's def. very rewarding

My job is an LPN @ Towne House Retirement Center & I LOVE IT!!

I'm a mom, a homeschool mom, a teen librarian, a Sunday school teacher, zatrail guide for Eagle Marsh, Mike's wife Carol and Phil's girl not always inthat order it delends on the day and who is asking!

I'm a mom, a homeschool mom, a teen librarian, a Sunday school teacher, zatrail guide for Eagle Marsh, Mike's wife Carol and Phil's girl not always inthat order it delends on the day and who is asking!

I am the Marketing & Development Director at Science Central. I work part-time so I can have the flexibility of being with my 2 kids after school.

all of you seem to do homeschooling - that is awesome and i think it takes a special person to do that. I would not have the patients to always be with my kids :)
I am a Girl Scout leader in fort wayne and there were just discussions going around about how to get other girls involved who aren't at the "traditional" school. We want to include everyone and we think it can be a very powerful group to be part of (especially because it is a low fee associated with it). What would be the best way for me to get this information out on a wide band to the homeschooling community?

I was working part time at a kids boutique with sahm the rest of the time. I am looking forward to be home all summer to try to be even more of a part in my kids lives. I am taking the challenge 30 for 30 -- PLAY with my kids for 30 minutes a day for the month of june. not just observing, but PLAYING. Today has been difficult - I think the weather is making us all crazy and no one wants to pay attention to anyone. At least we did get a little bit of game time in.

I work part-time in a cafeteria at a middle school. I am finishing up my last 2 semesters of a Associates Degree in Office Administration. I am a mom of a 2 1/2 very energetic boy! He is all boy for sure.

That's great good luck with your schooling!

Thanks 3 weeks left this semester and then 1 more semester to go. Can't wait!

wow so almost done! Home stretch!

I am so excited. I really just want to get a part time office job when I am done with school. My son is in childcare and even though I work part time, I use the other time to complete my homework, so he is at childcare almost full time. I really want to spend more time with him, so a part time office job would be great and so I can spend the other time with him, and other things that need to be home. I personally learned that being a stay at home mom was not for me, and for those that do You Go Girl! I just know I need both to be a mom and also work for sure.

Someday when the children are older that would be nice when they are at school all day...I could help out and save money for vacations!

Are you a stay at home mom? If so you are helping your family so much more than you know.

Yea I am. Some days I wish I worked but I really want to enjoy and be there for them as much as I can while they are little. I love being a sham and I think working as a teacher in the past has made me ready for my job as a mom. I got to take fun ideas and use them at home. When they go to school full time I might work part time but for now I am just going to be thankful to God for allowing me to stay home with them. Thank you for your kind comment. Sometimes I get negativity from people about staying home but its the few positive comments from people that remind me I am doing the right thing. I have respect for working moms as well. It must be hard being away from your kids sometimes and your working hard to provide. Whether moms work or don't work I have respect for both as long as you are a good parent

We as humans have to right to judge others, only God can do that. So with everything has it pros and cons. I just realize that we each make the best choices we can for ourselves and our families, sometimes those choices work out and other times they do not. It seems as if you made the right choice for you for sure.

Seems like you have found a good balance for your family as well!

Still working on that for sure. I so would love a part time office job when I graduate in May 2013. So we will see what happens.

Are you planning on walking at the Ceremony?

Oh yes for sure. I have an Associates in Early Childhood from Ivy Tech from 2002. But I may even have another graduation party to celebrate my success!

heck ya you should have a party. You are working hard and deserve to celebrate!

I think I sure am going to, it will be so much fun. so excited. 19 weeks of college left . 3 this semester and 16 weeks next semester!!!!!!!!!

Good luck!

Good luck finishing up your degree. I remember being so excited when I finished mine...and have no more schoolwork to do! lol

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