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It's not that I don't like to cook. What I hate is deciding WHAT to cook day after day! I feel the weight of this question hanging over me from the time I have my morning coffee until the decision is made. Do you feel like this?

Sometimes, just the suggestion of an entree is enough to remove that monkey from my back. So please tell me: What's for dinner at your house tonight?

4 Replies

I absolutely feel this way...often. The weight of "what's for dinner" looms everyday and sometimes it's enough to ruin my day. It doesn't help that my children all tend to have different palates and a huge disdain for any type of vegetable. Their lack of love for vegetables (and many other "good" foods) is a source of aggravation for area I certainly feel like I've failed in as a parent.

I don't know about you, but I feel like my meals tend to be the same from week to week, but just eaten in a different order. I'll go for a week or two trying something new, but again, the kids palates tend to dictate what works and what doesn't. That and the fact that by the time dinner rolls around, I'm no longer interested or have the energy to cook up a four course meal. When I signed up for motherhood, I didn't realize that meals would some day become such an issue. Grrr!

As for your original question of what's for dinner, here's what on tap for tonight:

Cubed Steak
Mashed potatoes
green beans
garden salad

I'm a member on another site and there are times that meal threads come up. I love it because lots of people respond with their meal plans for the week. As you said, sometimes just the suggestion of an entree is enough to help formulate a plan for a meal. Hopefully others will chime in here with ideas and we can both get a little help with ideas and add a little variety into our meals. :)

On our table tonight:

Warm potato-cheese-broccoli soup and salad. Yum!

Rice Crispie squares for dessert. :)

Though to be fair, my kids would probably only say "yum" to the dessert!

How about these two dishes: Sweet garlic chicken and angel food surprise cake? Recipes included in this discussion!