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with my hubby last night on our first night out in long time. We both had seen the trailer for this movie and thought it looked pretty funny. We both also like Melissa McCarthy so that is what we decided on.

Identity Thief was definitely funny in parts, but it also had many moments of "awkwardness" and parts that seem to go on and on. The language was harsh and there was a sex scene that made me blush...even in a dark theater. If someone were to ask me if I'd recommend they go see it in a theater, I wouldn't. It would definitely be one to rent on Redbox when it comes out...that way you don't feel like you're throwing away a lot of money if you end up turning it off midway through. You can also hit the mute button if the language gets to be a bit too much.

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I haven't seen this movie, but I wanted to. I'll keep that in mind!

My husband and I rented "Flight" with Denzel Washington this weekend, and we came up feeling disappointed, too. Mostly, because it just wasn't what we expected. And without giving too much away, it was a huge downer for most of the movie. The story was still interesting enough not to turn it off, but it sure wasn't what I thought it would be.

Warning to parents: Shew away your kids before you start the movie; the opening scene is not kid-appropriate. Also, we were watching while our kids were upstairs asleep, but there were a few times we scrambled to turn down the volume because of the language. I'm not a prude, so including bad language here and there doesn't bother me. But this movie definitely pushed it to the level of gratuitous cussing. 

As if to confirm my opinion (and my husband's) of this movie, when I was returning it to the Redbox machine, a man waiting there struck up a conversation warning me not to rent "Flight" for the same reasons I mention!

I was on the fence about seeing this movie, and in the span of two days, I've now heard similar thoughts on "Flight." Looks like we'll pass on watching that one. Thanks for the review!