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After reading Sheri's blog post about her antique phone find, it made me think of all the things my kids won't likely experience or know about from my era. Granted, I'm only in my forties, but there are things that are long gone and considered ancient.

Just this last week I was working on a reading assignment with my son. It was all about the card catalog and how to use it. He had never heard of a card catalog...and frankly, he didn't see the point in learning about the system now.

How many other things will our kids not know about or experience...that really aren't from that long ago? Rotary phones as Sheri pointed out, or what about telephone booths. Remember when it used to cost $.10 to make a phone call? :) Add on any you can think of...

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How about Sat. morn cartoons, we had to wait a whole week to watch smurfs & such.& a pager lol my 16yr old didnt even know what one was! hehe. :0)

Records. Actual vinyl records. I'd like to see my kids' faces if they ever saw how those worked.

I was pleased to know that my elementary school-age kids DID know how to use a hard-copy dictionary. Seems most the teenagers and early 20-somethings I know only think you can find the dictionary online. :)

Those are good ones ladies! Saturday morning cartoons..loved them!!

Aaahh...vinyl records. My husband has two crates of them in our garage. Why he keeps them is beyond me. Lol

Anyone remember Walkman's or the tape cassettes that went in them. :)

Heck ya. I loved my walkman. What about the "boom boxes" some kids in school carried on their shoulders -- and what went with that ... break dancing! Gotta love the 80s. Soon kids won't even know how to write a check as payment for anything. Everything now is debit cards or electronic payments.


Ooooh the boom boxes. I forgot all about those. lol

I'm guessing that since we're all going electronic, kids won't know how to fill out a check register either. God help us all of we ever lose electricity for an extended period of time!!

Actually, vinyl records are not a thing of the past. You can still find them at the 'record stores'. My oldest son, who is 25, has a band and recently cut a record instead of a CD. Also, records are no longer just black. They can be made any color-even clear. And yes, you can still buy record players!

I got my 1st walkman from my mom & she gave me her Whitesnake tape, it was white! LOL those were the days,hehe ;)

Thanks for getting this started!

The Saturday morning cartoon comment made me remember when we had to wait all year to watch "The Wizard of Oz" on TV. What a big event that was! So much anticipation & excitment - which may be one more thing our kids may be missing out on in this instant gratification culture. Hmmmm....sounds like another blog post.