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Is anyone planning on attending? I have my tickets and plan to go, but don't know what to expect. I see that it opens at 4 pm, but the cooking part doesn't start until 7 pm. Just wandering how the event runs and whether I need to be there right at 4 or if it is the kind of show you can show up anytime. Anyone??

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Ooooh...if you don't have tickets, they are half price over there >>>>>> in the daily deals section. What an awesome deal!

Not this year but maybe next year. We are just too busy.

But for all who are going make sure to write about how your experience was so I know what it is like and can decide if I want to try and go next year.

It makes for a great girl's night out. Too bad you can't go!

oh are you going with some girl friends? That would be a neat idea. I already have dinner plans that night with some friends so maybe next year.

I am. One of our besties can't make it though, so that's a bit of a bummer.

yea maybe next time

Yeah, I hope so too!


Just wanted to update that the Taste of Home Show was a wonderful event! There were many vendors available showcasing their items and many wonderful samples to try. Top it off with a real live cooking "show" and the night couldn't have been any better. It definitely was a great girl's night out!

What were some of your favorite samples?