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What would a good price be for the Sunday paper? We are thinking about subscribing.

16 Replies

I think they are $1.75 per paper, but it might be a little cheaper for a subscription. I used to get just the Sunday paper for the coupons which to me is a lot easier than the ones online.

We pay yearly which saves...but we also get a discount because we subscribe to the News-Sentinel. I would recommend negotiating the price when you talk to them.

It's so funny because everyone I talk to says they negotiated the price but when we first moved here I called and tried that and she just kept giving me the price listed on the internet and wouldn't budge at all. We would probably do a yearly subscription for the sunday paper. I just want it because of the coupons as well. I coupon like crazy and miss the extra ones I used to get from the paper.

If you are interested in the Sunday paper, use this link from (the parent website for Moms).

Thanks! Anyone know how to find or receive promotional codes?

I didn't even know they had promotional codes. Once a year, I get an offer from them with a great rate. Maybe I'm just lucky?! I'm thankful, that's for sure!

yep ur lucky

I dont get the Sunday paper anymore because here @ work almost all the residents get the paper & they just throw them outside their doors the paper w/ the coupons so we (workers) just split them. LOL :)

This is a very interesting article. Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing more stuff like this!

If you buy a Sunday paper look for like a insert from the Journal Gazette, It has something like you can get 17 weeks for the price of 13 for the Sunday paper. Saving money is saving money no matter no large or small I think.

yea i saw that insert. we are going to sign up for just the sunday paper for now.

We let our subscription lapse several months ago. We recently received a call with a pretty good deal for re-signing. We passed, but if they call back, I might just buckle and take the deal. lol

We love reading the paper on sunday mornings. That is really the only one that I really like to have.

i haven't done it yet but I am going to do so soon.

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