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Normally I have short hair but I finally grew it out and it's getting pretty long. And long means lots of tangles after I shower. I have used conditioners like dove, pantene, clear, etc and its still hard to brush. What is a good strong conditioner.

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I have thin stringy hair, I use a leave in conditioner...l Tresseme its in a white pump bottle with a light green cap. its about 3$. its nice it dont leave ur hair heavy & greasey. I also use a clarifing shampoo once a week. it will help also. :)

You must not have found a conditioner you liked then. Perhaps you need to go with a salon brand that costs a bit more to get what you're looking for? I too have long hair and I have done that before...even just to use a bottle's worth before I go back to a brand like Aussie and such. :)

Yea as you know re-posting is sometimes a good idea because hopefully people that never saw the post can post new suggestions. I still hadn't found one I liked so I thought I would ask again. Kind of like asking again if anyone had legos. You had a prior post asking if anyone had extra but I'm sure you were hoping more people would get a chance to see it so you posted again.

You are so right again. Thankfully I did post again because I was contacted by someone wanting to unload some Legos. I'm so excited!! I'm sure loving the "shop & sell" part of Moms!

yep so it helped!