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My family just moved to Fort Wayne and we are looking to buy a house but unsure of what High school is the best for our daughter? she is only one right now but I plan ahead and this will be the last house we buy. I have heard some awful stories. We are wanting something on the North side of town. Please help!!

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Hi There and welcome to Fort Wayne! I currently homeschool my children, but am a former teacher here in Fort Wayne. If you are looking north, I would recommend Northwest Allen County Schools or Leo High School (but am unsure of the elementary and middle schools out in that area) in the northeast part of the city. I am not naïve enough to think that those schools don't have problems...all schools do. That said, I would be more comfortable sending my kids there though as opposed to other schools here in the city.

Good luck in your search!

Thank you, that helps alot!

You're very welcome!

Homestead High School is also a really great high school. One of my children graduated from there, one is a senior and I also have a sophomore there. You can look at and compare schools at

Good Luck!