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There is always talk of school all year. What does everyone think about this topic. I'm not a fan and believe kids should get a break. They work hard enough and deserve a little break.

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I do not support year round school at all, but know many other families that do and several that school that way. It's just not for our family.

It's an interesting topic, because since my hubs and I both work full-time, the kids are in day care or camps all summer, learning as they go. I think just sitting around all summer isn't good for them.

Christmas break always seems to bring this question back up -- either because parents are relieved to get back to the routine or because they're dreading it!

Personally, I feel like kids need that break for lots of reasons. Structure and a routine can be good, but they can overwhelm you sometimes. A break gives the opportunity to push the reset button so you can return refreshed and refocused. For kids, it can be a much-needed break from all the "friend drama." For parents, it can be a much-needed break from packing lunches and meeting bus schedules. If your kids go to day care or summer camps, they're still learning but they may not KNOW they're learning (a killjoy for most kids) because they're doing something different and fun.