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Has anyone tried a craft on pinterest and have it turn out really well? Share your stories here! So far everything I have tried turned out really well. Share your successes or disasters.

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I look to Pinterest for art ideas for my kids quite a bit. Now I'm hooked on Christmas decorations. People absolutely amaze me with their creativity!

I'm thinking of trying this one:

Yea I will be doing a lot of christmas decorations from there.

One involves a styrofoam cone and christmas bulbs! I will post later hopefully with some pictures! Also will be making some cheap little wreaths to go on my cabinets. should take a picture and post it when you're done.

lol yep i said i would

Oh sorry, I missed where you said you'd post a pic. Ooops!

it's ok not a problem

I can't believe all the food ideas you can get from Pinterest! And I just don't like making anything unless I see a picture to entice me. That's the best part, there's always a picture!

Was not aware that Pinterest had crafts and it's the one social media account that I have not signed up for. Lately I have figured out a way to get more instagram followers/likes by posting some of my better ideas and photos up. The crafts would be great for my wife to start posting some cool ideas that she has.

I can't accept all the sustenance thoughts you can get from Pinterest! Furthermore I only don't prefer making anything unless I see a picture to tempt me. That is the best part, there's dependably a picture!

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