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Anyone have a recommendation for a good family photo photographer?

10 Replies

Did you see the post over in the Groups...Dammeyer Photography? Looks like she runs specials and I bet she has work you could check out before you commit to buying a package.

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried going to her website but none of the buttons were working to check anything out.

Thought of another place you might find a photographer. Fort Wayne Virtual Garage Sale. Anyone can's free. People post on there all the time...and I have seen some great deals for family pic deals. As long as you check out their prior work, I bet it would be okay. I'd certainly be game. :)

Didn't really see anything on there either. Thanks again for the suggestions though. My sisters boyfriend is a photographer and said he would help us out so I think I will take them up on their offer.

Really? I saw two posts on there yesterday from local photogs offering services. Of course, the posts get buried quickly...but doing a search would pull them up. I have found some great deals on FBVG!

Good luck with your sisters boyfriend!

Yea he is really good at photography! Can't wait! Now just have to figure out what to wear!

Good luck with that! Trying to coordinate outfits can be a chore. Have fun with your pictures!

It's never really been a chore for me. I'm normally good with color and matching so I'm lucky it comes easy. I just need to make time to look through the closets.

You're lucky that it's not a chore then and it comes so easy. Good luck pulling it all together!