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My tween daughter's creation...

I had to share. A little backstory...she has a Kindle and is able to watch the cupcake show on TLC. She is just starting to enjoy working in the kitchen and has many ideas on things she would like to create. Well yesterday, I let her have free reign in the kitchen.

She made cupcakes and added in candy cane marshmallows and candy cane sprinkles. Her frosting turned out a little more red than she wanted, but you can still see a bit of the white in there. I am pretty impressed with how they turned out...and everyone that has eaten them says they taste delicious.

I think I have a budding baker on my hands! :)

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They look delicious! I have noticed that cupcakes are the rage for birthdays, weddings & party's. Maybe she will become a young entrepreneur in this area.

Very neat idea. Cupcakes are the rage these days. Where we used to live there was a cupcake camper and they had the best cupcakes ever.

Thanks...I tried one and they are delicious! I'd be happy if she became an entrepreneur and made cupcakes as long as she was happy.

That would be neat

good job mom! my daughter is 16 & still hasnt got in to the cooking /baking thing yet. i like to bake instead of cooking. LOL

Thanks Erika! We celebrated my son's 14th birthday yesterday. My daughter was a huge help in the kitchen and ended up making his cake as well as helping with a lot of the other food. I kind of like having a helper now...and she is loving the time we get to spend together while she learns. :)

That is awesome! MY oldest son will be 15 on the 14th LOL, he just wants video games no cake hehe!

Lucky you...maybe. lol Those video games can cost an arm and a leg. Ouch!

I hope I have awhile until we hit the video game stage

yup an arm & a leg and then some. LOL