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At what point did you have "the talk" with your child about sex? I know opinions on this vary greatly, but I'd love to know at about what age you had this talk with your child and how you went about it.

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What a great question! I'm struggling with it myself. I've had a couple of talks with my 10-year-old, but mostly they've been pretty clinical discussions about how her body is changing. I'm scared to have the "BIG" talk!! LOL!!

I'm right there with you!!! I did buy the American Girl "Care and Keeping of Yourself" book and really like it for my daughter who is now twelve. She was/is a little embarrassed for me to look at it with I'm sure talking about "it" will push her over the edge. I can just hear it now, "Mom!" in her tweeny little voice. lol

If I'm being honest here...I have a fourteen year old son (who is naive) who we haven't had the "talk" with yet either. I know it's time...but I'm still dreading it...and have for the last few years. Ugh!

My daughter has that same book, and I think it's a wonderful tool to start the conversation! Mine was interested in it and picked it up herself, so I have to admit, she's the one that discovered it. But it is great in that it talks to her on her level. And if she's not ready for the heavy stuff, she sticks to the simpler things, like eyes and ears. When she's ready to know more, she looks at other topics. It hasn't taken the place of our "talk," but it has given us a more comfortable way to segwey into the conversation. I would highly recommend this book and others by the American Girl series that deal with all kinds of topics, including bullies and sticky friend situations.

In terms of boys, I honestly think they don't want to know quite as soon. And frankly, they don't necessarily "have to," as do girls who will eventually need to know about menstral periods. In any case, I agree with you two -- I am not looking forward to that conversation!