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They are Thanksgiving cookies and candy that look like a turkey. Adorable! I'm going to make them for our family dinner. I'll be sure to take a picture and post how they turn out.

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I think I'll be trying these too. They look super simple to make, so I'll put my kids on that task.

Pinterest has lots of ideas for Thanksgiving, so if you're needing any, you should check them out.

I am a new user to Pinterest and really like it so far. It is easy to spend a lot of time on there. Thank you for sharing those links.

Those ideas are cute but just coming off of halloween I think our family is a little candied out. But pinterest does also have healthy thanksgiving treats.

Like this cute little turkey!

Yep, you're right once again, Pinterest has lots of healthy ideas on there. And while this fruit plate is cute and would be great for a lunch, I personally wouldn't have it out at Thanksgiving dinner most likely. It's a great idea for the day before, so thanks for sharing!

I'd make the ones I mentioned more for decoration than eating, although I'm sure they'll be enjoyed by all.

I'd make the ones I mentioned more for decoration than eating, although I'm sure they'll be enjoyed by all.

That was

Oops didn't mean to type that

What I meant to say was I don't think those candies are really for thanksgiving dinner either. Also a day before kind of treat. I think all the items we are posting are just thanksgiving in general ideas and not actual meal ideas.

Those look really neat to make. I am not what I consider myself as a crafty person, so I will passing the ideas along to friends who are.

Crafting is a hobby for me