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Has anyone had a good experience with a realtor in the Fort Wayne area? I need to sell my home, and I would feel a lot better going on a recommendation rather than just opening the phone book.

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Have you thought of looking on Angie's List?

Yes, but I think you have to have an account with them, don't you?


You know...I'm not really sure. I wonder if they have a "free" trial period if that is the case??

When we moved to Fort Wayne we used two realtors before deciding to build and I didn't like either one. I've heard George Raptis with mike thomas is good. We had a great realtor where we used to live. Too bad he is not in town or I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Good luck, there are soo many realtors sometimes it's hard to find a good one.

Any luck with a realtor? I talked with a neighbor who is trying to sell his house. They've just hit the six month mark with having it listed...and aren't having any luck. They are looking to make a realtor change in hopes of selling. Times are hard for selling homes right now, that's for sure.

The fort wayne market is tough. They say its a buyers market but def wasn't the case for us. Thats why we decided to just build. Both houses we put offers on wouln't budge on asking price and during times like these you can't be like that. You have to be willing to negotiate to get it sold quick.