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My kids and I saw the horrific accident that happened on Maplecrest today. It was just awful!! We were all shaken up afterwards and were still talking about it some tonight. I'm so angry at the driver who chose to drive completely impaired. It is just so senseless!

I often tell my love ones how much they mean to was just a reminder to say it whenever I can. I'm also snuggling my kids a bit closer to me tonight.

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I saw that on the news, thats near my house!

It was just unreal! Three days later and I am still bothered by what happened. So, so selfish of the driver!

I will take some time when you see something that violent happen right in front of your eyes, not to mention your children. Glad you & yours didnt get hurt! :)

How scary! I hope you and your kids are feeling a little better. It just shows how life can change in the blink of an eye. Sad, sad.

I always appreciate individuals who discuss creativeness with us thanks for the publish keep published and create me comprehend more.

As you said well, hug your children a little tighter tonight. I have seen so many stories on the news recently that have greatly impacted me and has and is causing me to make some changes in my life to what is really important.

so awful

Yes it is, life is so short but we really don't think that in life.

Yes it is, life is so short but we really don't think that in life.