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Since I was a little girl, we have always opened presents on Christmas morning. Christmas Eve was generally a time we'd visit grandma and grandpa (although they passed away when I was young), then go to church and finish wrapping any presents. When I met my husband, his family did just the opposite. They went to midnight mass and then opened presents after and spent Christmas Day visiting family.

Our traditions now are that we go to church on Christmas Eve, drive around Ft Wayne after and look at lights...then return home and get cookies ready for Santa before getting the kids ready for bed. Of course, we have The Santa Claus playing on tv, or one of those Christmas movies that we love. On Christmas morning we open gifts and have a light breakfast. In the afternoon, we travel (5 miles away lol) to my brother's family home and meet up with the rest of my siblings and parents for a Christmas meal and gift exchange. We spend a good part of the rest of the day there. While the gift exchange is fun, it's more for me about being together as a family.

What are your traditions with your family?

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When I was little we would go to church christmas eve and then come home and Santa had been there already. Now that I am older we still go to church and open gifts with my family christmas eve but our family celebrate christmas morning with our kids. and then celebrate that afternoon with my husbands family.