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I am hoping everyone is exercising their right to vote! Polls are open until 6 here in IN...go get it done!

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Voted! Waited an hour though! How long did everyone else have to wait for?

Waited 25 minutes...but would have waited as long as necessary.

I know lots of people would want to wait as long as it takes but at the same time a lot of people don't have that luxury because of work. Hopefully many employers were lenient with people so they could get out and make their vote count.

I am hoping those people were able to absentee vote or vote early then. You would think in 2012, employers would make it so their employees could go vote, but I guess that's just not practical.

yea, I just know some people were getting frustrated because they had hurried over on their lunch breaks to vote and it was taking awhile and you could tell some people were getting worried.

I bet they take advantage of early voting next year then. It certainly is becoming more and more popular!

Yes it is very important for everyone to get their vote in. I

I just read that some 22,000 less people voted in Allen County. In a presidential election no less. It's disheartening!

So I was thinking and I'm pretty sure you can't do an absentee ballot in that case and early voting still might now work for some people unless it was on a weekend. Is early voting done during the week? In that case it could be the same delima for some people.

The people I know who voted early did so in order to not have to stand in line during election day voting. It's just not possible to accomodate everyone, so it stands to reason that some people just wouldn't be able to vote if that can't get around the work issue and they aren't able to absentee vote.