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such as Xbox, Wii, Ds devices in your home? Each of my kids has some kind of a game system or Kindle etc. Since they are new for Christmas, we haven't been limiting time on them very much. However, I can see that we will need to set some time restraints on them...or they could be on them all day.

Do you limit time spent on games in your home? Please share if you do...I'm interested in hearing what others do. Thanks!

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I'm guilty of not setting limits on these sorts of devices. We just use a computer for video games (my kids will go on Nick or the Webkinz site to play the games there) so we don't have a game system, but my kids will spend hours playing on those websites. I really should limit them, but I confess I like to have some time to get things done where I'm not hearing "mommy!" all the time. Does that make me a bad mom?

Our son (my stepson) is 15 so it might be a little different for us but we just stay with a "common sense" sort of motto.  If texting (and oh is there a lot of texting), kindle, or the iPad become too much we speak up and say so.  He's been raised to be respectful and he gets the hint pretty quickly so there's limited eye rolling or sighing.  We also give family members the right to speak up if they feel he's not engaging in the conversation or being disrespectful.  One of my best friends will simply take the phone from his hand and begin reading the messages.  It's in good humor but he gets the point.  He's too old for us to be all worked up about the electronics (especially since we're on ours just as often) but we set expectations for respectful interactions and 95% of the time he rises to the occasion.  

our kids all have some type of video game or electronics in the rooms; but its all about the grades determine if they get to be on them or not. the grades have been good so we havent had a problem with it.

No, it doesn't make you a bad mom -- it makes you human! As long as you don't forego all one-on-one time with your kids and you monitor what it is they're doing online, letting them be on the computer is not a bad thing. Truthfully, if kids don't have a bit of computer-savviness, they will have a hard time keeping up in today's world. They can't learn that without actually using the computer.

As far as electronics go, I tend to agree that a show of responsibility (not letting grades slide, not being disrespectful and not ignoring the actual people around you) is a better gauge than a rigid time limit.