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I just heard of them last week through a deal I saw on Facebook. They were offering refurbished Kindle Fires for an unbelievable deal. Two of my kids (who always use my Kindle Fire) would love to have one of their own. Checkout for Cowboom was through Amazon, so I figured if there was a problem, Amazon would be helpful. I ordered two and they arrived three days later and LOOK BRAND NEW! I am so excited! I will definitely be using them in the future. Everything about my transaction was great! I can't wait for Christmas morning!

3 Replies

Never heard of Cowboom before. Bet the kids will be really excited!Has anyone else heard of or used this website?

They sure too. I don't have to share my Kindle anymore. lol

I didn't realize until looks like they are a subsidiary of Best Buy. That makes me feel a little better.

Yea thats good. The first thought that will probably come to everyone's mind is is this legit? So it being associated with best buy will give people some comfort.