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My kids and I stopped at Cook's apple orchard yesterday to pick some apples. There were NONE to be had!!! The owner told me that the crop was ruined with all of the wacky weather we've had...and that other orchards in the area are in the same boat. In my lifetime this has never happened. It's tradition for our family to go the orchard a couple of times in the fall...and we're sad to miss it this year. :(

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That's such a shame! Maybe that's why apples are so expensive right now. I have a feeling we're going to hear that same story a lot. What a wacky weather year!

Not only are apples expensive...but they just aren't very good in quality either. I am afraid we are going to continue to see fresh produce prices skyrocket...and that just scares me!

That really stinks. I have never been there before but apple picking is sooo much fun in the fall and to miss out because of yucky weather is upsetting.

I have a daughter that loves applesauce and eats it often. I have been watching the price slowly creep up over the last couple of months and now don't find sales very often for name or store brand. Grrr! I sure hope next season turns out to be better!

Oh My this is not good news for me. I have grand-kids that love applesauce I like to keep the individual sizes on hand. They cost a little more but if it goes to high, I may have to buy large containers instead. I wonder, can applesauce be frozen?

That's where coupons come in handy! I normally have one for motts for the individual packs and sometimes when you buy a few another coupon will spit out of the machine

Our kids really love applesauce too!

You're lucky if you're finding applesauce coupons...because I rarely if ever find them.

I just don't have luck with those coupons that the store spits out. They always things I don't use or quantities that I don't buy. :(

they have been on and when i buy just motts stuff they will spit out on occasion.

love that brand too