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My family and I recently relocated to Ft.Wayne from Indy due to my husband's job. I'm currently looking to go back school/college.
I have been looking at several local colleges, Ivy Tech, Brown Mackie, etc., I just wanted to know if anyone has any personal advice, thoughts, experiences with any local colleges that could possibly help with my decison. I have completed a few semesters of college, I have about 15yrs plus of Medical/Healthcare work experience,(billing,insurance,etc) I would like to enhance the knowledge and work experience that I have with a degree or a diploma. I'm really wanting to complete a program if possible within less than 2yrs to go back to the workforce,I'm currently not working now due to the relocation. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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First, let me welcome you to Fort Wayne. While we're not as big a city as Indy, you'll soon find there's all sorts of great things to do here.

I'm sure you are familiar with Ivy Tech -- it currently enrolls more people across the state than any other community college in the country. Its campus is on Coliseum Boulevard, across from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (known locally as IPFW). Ivy Tech has courses in just about everything, from mechanics to medicine. Brown Mackie is another one to look at. Something that would be helpful would be for you to set up a meeting with the admissions offices at the various colleges in town to discuss your options and what you want to do. The great thing about the colleges and universities here in Fort Wayne is that they really understand the needs of returning students, and you can design your coursework to meet your needs. By narrowing down what you want to get your degree in, you'll be able to focus in on which of our outstanding colleges or universities will be your best match. Good luck!

Another option is Indiana Wesleyan University. I have a few friends that have earned degrees from there (returned to college or an advanced degree), and they liked it very well. I think they have shorter-term programs, as well. But I don't know a lot about the different majors they offer. Worth checking out, though. Good luck!

Welcome to Fort Wayne! The University of Saint Francis offers quite a few medical-related fields, including Physician's Assistant. It also caters to returning-adult students. I have heard wonderful things about the faculty and staff. Check it out!

There are many good-to-great colleges in Fort Wayne. I guess selecting one should depend on what you want your degree in. Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) has a wonderful nursing program, so does St. Francis. So does ITT Technical Institute (where my husband works as a financial aid officer). If you want to get your degree in accounting, or a similar field, you might want to broaden where you look. I hope this helps!


just be careful of where you attend. most of the little colleges, brown mackie, ITT, Ross, IBC, Harrison, credits do not transfer to any other colleges like IPFW. But Ivy Tech's does. I am going to Ivy Tech and love it there. All of the teachers I have had are really great and know there stuff.

Welcome to the Fort!
I would just come to an admissions appointment (free) then make your decision from there. I work at Ross Medical Education Center. It IS a great place. We have accelerated courses in Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting and Medical Billing & Office Administration. We find your externship and Our CDC's help with finding your 1st place of employment after your graduation. If you are interested in finding more information out, feel free to call and talk to Malissa, Lori or Tess @ 260.471.4840.

Indiana Wesleyan University has a program worth checking into for accelerated degrees...My husband graduated from there recently.
Our three sons attended IPFW. The oldest now works in Seoul, S. Korea. Our second oldest works in Virginia. Our third son will graduate this December with a degree in Math.
I applaud your willingness to return to school! Best wishes!

Hoping you're adjusting to life in the Fort. I wanted to add that if you haven't looked into Indiana Weslyan that it is worth a look. I have several educator friends who have used their program and speak very highly of the school. I am guessing it would be that way for any progam they offer.

I am thinking of renewing my educator license and plan on looking into what they offer. Good luck!

Indiana Wesleyan is def. worth checking out as others above have mentioned awhile back. A couple of my friends attended there and loved it! Just stay away from the smaller schools.

I don't necessarily think smaller colleges need to be discounted. Transferring credits and making sure a college is around to stay along with be accredited are obviously most important. One just has to do research before making a decision.

Also, at least in my case, cost is a major factor too. IW is very expensive, but the options they offer me for renewing my license outweigh the expensse especially since the courses I need are offered online and give me the flexibility I need with my family.

ball state and other colleges might have some online programs as well

I have taken all of classes from Ivy Tech Online and love Online classes. Have you started college yet?

i love online classes too but not a big fan of dvd courses. it's hard sitting at home trying to pay attention

What is DVD courses? You me hybrid? I do everything completely online, it is so nice to do all my homework on my schedule in the week and turn it in by the due date! Taking online classes a person must stay focused and motivated. There are for sure days in which I do struggle with that, but try to re-focus the next and do better. Seriously if you want to take online classes I could help you.

cryj - do your online classes use Blackboard?

Yes Ivy Techs Blackboard.