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If you haven't gone, you should give it a try. For the fourth year in a row now (it's tradition) we took our kids on a half hour carriage ride. We use Camelot Carriage and have been very pleased every year. We opt for the half ride and the cost is $35. Not least in our opinion, especially when you get to see downtown all decorated for Christmas. It was cold tonight (not as cold as some years though), but they always give you a very heavy lap blanket to keep you warm as you ride. If you're looking for something unique, not expensive and fun to do, give them a try. If you're going on a weekend, be sure to call ahead and make reservations. We saw many people turned away tonight because they were booked solid. :)

4 Replies

that sounds so kool! thanks for sharing. :)

What a wonderful holiday tradition for you and your family to enjoy! I have often seen the carriages clip-clopping through downtown but have never taken a ride myself. Maybe I can persuade the hubby to spring for a ride!

My kids and I always get a kick out of seeing the horses downtown. I don't know why we've never taken a ride. Great idea!

Fort wayne carriage rides are fun. We also LOVE the indy carriage rides downtown!