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Bike helmets are costly, but did you know that you can get them for $11 at the Parkview Safety Store? It's located off Carew St. in the medical building on the 1st floor. Hours right now are Tues. and Wed. 4-7 pm. Helmets are available for toddlers through adults and are fitted right there in the store. I believe they also inspect car seats in your car if needed too.

Helmets are so essential in protecting bike riders (especially our kiddos)...we're thankful for Parkview and this service that they offer. :)

7 Replies

Thought I'd pass this along...I recently heard that Parkview closed their Safety Store. I'm so disappointed as it was a great place not only to get helmets at an awesome price, but to have them fitted too so you know they fit. :(

that's too bad I wonder if any other places offer anything like this.

maybe another hospital?

Nope, Parkview was the only one.

Well maybe another one will pop up sometime in the future. Hopefully.

So sad they closed.

Yea it was