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Where is the best place to see the best Christmas Lights in Fort Wayne?

11 Replies

There is Santa downtown and fantasy of lights

Yeah that is a great place to go. What about certain neighborhoods that have the best lights?

Southwest there is emerald lakes. There is a house in there that goes all out every year. Very cool

Thanks we will have to check that area out for sure. I love looking at the Christmas lights, and now I can show my 2 year old son. I think he is much more into Christmas this year.

yea our sons 2nd christmas he took in a lot more!Fun just watching him

I just don't know if my son will or will not because he is what some say 100% all boy, he hardly sits down and watches any tv or cartoons that I let him watch. He loves to stay busy.

Then fantasy of lights would be good cause u are constantly moving and seeing new things

yes we went to that last year and it was a lot of fun

Last year the car ahead of us paid for us so we paid for the people behind us

Downtown is beautiful! I agree that Fantasy of Lights is fun to drive through and Emerald Lakes is worth the effort to get to. Also, when you're downtown, make sure to drive by Electric Ave. It's off of Taylor just past GE. Two houses there have decorated like you wouldn't believe for years. I can almost hear their meters running when we drive by. lol

I haven't visited that place but we are on our way with my family. Thanks for sharing with us guys your response. I have now the idea on where to spend our time watching those best Christmas lights in Fort Wayne. Thanks.