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While sitting with a group of moms, I heard one woman describing an array of iPad apps that were completely entertaining her kids despite the fact they were educational, too. (Shhhh.) What are your favorite kid apps, and on what device do you use them?

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My kids have a Kindle Fire. I'm thankful that Amazon has lots of free apps that are educational and entertaining. The kids wouldn't necessasrily choose to do the educational ones, but in order to have time for other games, they have to spend time each day on the learning ones.

We have apps that teach about math, the states (I like this one too), and one that is a world wall type game.

We have a Kindle, too. Can you give the names of those apps?

Sure, I'd be happy to. Some of that we have are:

Brain Gems
Word to Word
Let's Do Math
Math Bingo
Vocab Ninja

Those are all free Apps we have gotten. Each kids is different as to what they like to use or not use. I love Amazon as it seems they have a lot to offer in the way of apps...and a lot are free or $.99.


Thanks for the suggestions! I'm sure there are others who would like to give these a try.

Thanks! Math Bingo and Brain Gems have gone over well at my house. ... Maybe too well -- my husband and I are addicted to Brain Gems! (they're not just for kids) :)