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What kind of flea/tick protection do you use for your dog? We have used Frontline Plus and during this last cycle used Trifexis, but I'm not sure one works better than the other. We need to stock up again (quite an investment I must say), so I'm looking for advice on what other's use. Thanks for any help!

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We normally use Frontline but are thinking of switching to Pet armor which is carried at Wal Mart. Also Hope sells flea prevention. I forget how much they charge but should be on their website. Not sure if you have to bring your dog in or not to get it there or not but worth to check out and the money goes toward a good cause.

Do you have good luck with Frontline bought at Wal-Mart? I've heard it's a "watered" down version of the Frontline you get at vet offices. I also have looking for heart medicine. all adds up!

do you mean the pet armor? yea I have heard good things about it and you can always check reviews. For heartworm we have used a few kinds. I know for awhile we did the flea and heartworm combo pill but that got really expensive. I think that was Sentinal. We have also done heartguard and are now using interceptor. We have had good luck with all just depends what price you want to spend.

Actually, I had heard Frontline was a watered down version. Did you have trouble with Fleas using that?

We also used heartguard as well, but you're right, it gets awfully expensive when you're buying multiple medicines.

Do you ever order your meds online? I have once, but I haven't ordered any since because I found out they have to call your vet. I kind felt bad that the vet knew I was getting my meds cheaper elsewhere.

I have never bought frontline from walmart. Always bought it at the vet. So I'm not sure if it's any different. We looked into buying online at one time but have heard nothing but negative things about it so we decided against it. But it is tempting with the prices.

Trifexis is for flea, tick and is also for heartworm prevention. We were using Sentinel from our vet until they quick making it. Now the vet has us using Trifexis and I think it works great because our dogs have not had any issues.