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now is able to be purchased on a monthly basis. That means, if you only shop on Amazon during the month of December for Christmas, you can take advantage Prime without paying the entire yearly fee. I personally have a Prime membership that I pay for yearly...and love. For anyone just wanting to try it out (check for a trial first....they often offer those) for just a month can do so without paying out a large amount of money all at once.

If I ever get rid of my yearly membership, this is the way I will go. :)

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I should add that while I take advantage of the free shipping, I think I love Prime more for the videos we can download and the books we can borrow...for free. Several of my family members have joined Prime and found that it pays for itself. :)

Since it's just a trial I wonder if they will keep this or not. I think it's a great idea. We have been lucky and have never had to purchase prime but still get it through alumni trials and such. But once my trial is over it would be great to just purchase it on a monthly basis when I know I'd be buying lots of birthday or christmas gifts.

As for the videos and books I just don't have time right now to really take advantage of those. But it's a nice feature.

It is a great that we all take advantage of. My kids especially love all of the free apps. We love Amazon!

yea we order stuff from there all the time.