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0 replies
Are there any moms who love to sew and wouldn't mind teaching? I'm ...
MommyBanks85 on May 01, 14 at 7:07 pm
0 replies
I had my kids as well as two nieces and a nephew (7 in all) all do ...
krisco4 on Dec 05, 12 at 6:41 pm
2 replies
Any good craft shows this time of the year?
AFangel682 on Nov 11, 12 at 8:04 pm
Last reply by AFangel682 on Nov 24, 12 at 7:28 pm
0 replies
I'm in the market for a new one and just wondering what everyone ...
AFangel682 on Jun 13, 12 at 7:24 am
4 replies
Amy's post made me wonder if there are any other craft fairs going ...
AFangel682 on May 16, 12 at 8:53 am
Last reply by tfreedman on Jun 01, 12 at 2:47 pm
0 replies
Students in grades 4-12 can describe their love of Indiana food ...
Melody S-F on Feb 01, 11 at 9:41 pm
2 replies
After the luxury of sleeping in is over, snow days can be boring. ...
Connie Haas Zuber on Jan 24, 11 at 3:04 pm
Last reply by m and ms mom on Feb 01, 11 at 4:35 pm
4 replies
I've discovered a wonderful way to keep the school aged kids busy ...
Natalie Zehr on Nov 16, 10 at 3:57 pm
Last reply by Marlene on Nov 17, 10 at 6:56 am