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While shopping the other day, these socks caught my eye. With a little apprehension I picked them up for my husband,  pretty certain that he would wear them, but only because I would ask him to; these were NOT his style, nor something he would ever pick out to purchase. When I got home and showed them to him, he didn’t roll his eyes, but almost. 


The next evening we had dinner plans with several friends at one of their homes. Before we left Kevin went to change and out he walked from our room in the socks — well matched with the blue v-neck sweater I had also purchased for him. It made my heart happy. (Seriously, I’m just not that hard to please.) 


Later, all of us were all sitting around in the living room when one of my friends, who clearly noticed the socks, said to Kevin, “I want to know what’s up with those socks! Brian would never wear a pair of socks like that!” Her husband gave an affirmative nod — he would indeed not wear socks such as these. In fact all the husbands — all wearing white socks, agreed they were unlikely to wear anything comparable to what Kevin had on his feet.


Then Kevin spoke up above the good humored chatter, and said that he wore them for one reason, and one reason alone … because I asked. This really made my heart flutter, and my husband became just a little more sexy to me. 


In marriage, often times we do things (or wear things) for the other person. Sometimes, it’s a simple as a pair of socks that can knock us off our feet. 


That's a great husband you've got there!

Awww...he's a keeper! It was enough that he wore them in the first place (I just don't think my husband would), but to then say what he did...that's just awesome! If that isn't love...then what is?!

He should get you some cool socks too so you can wear them together :)

That is great!

You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!