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In the last post, I described Kalisha's shopping trip to the mall. She had spent quite a lot of money (for her budget) and was quite happy with her purchases, but sad that she didn't get the purse that matched the small coin purse she bought. In reality, she HAD bought the purse, too, but thought better of that decision and immediately rode the bus around, back to the mall and returned it.

I guess you could say she had "buyer's remorse" and then had
"returner's remorse."  She really wanted that purse; she gathered up her other Colts purses and asked me to put them on Yardsellr or Craigslist. She asked if she could go the next day and buy the purse because she was sure she would sell the others. I told her she had to wait until she did actually sell them. Her next try was to return the two shirts she had purchased. (At one time, I worked in retail, and I remember how much I loved returns). I asked her to do the math. Using the calculator on her phone, she figured she could return the shirts and have enough to buy the purse, with some left over to go back on her debit card.

Off she went with her receipt and shirts. She returned with the purse; a happy camper.

She is the Queen of Buyer's Remorse, or second thoughts or something. She gets caught up in the thrill of buying and then realizes she has spent too much or regrets her purchases. Wow! That sounds like half of America, doesn't it? She even does it with food. She will buy too many boxes of cereal or snacks or something she likes and as soon as she walks in the door, she tells me, "I'm going to return two of these and two of those," before I even make a comment.

I think I know one of the reasons Kalisha is in "buying mode." My grandson, Kalisha's nephew, has his first real job and is having a great time going to the mall and buying clothes, etc., when he gets his paycheck. Kalisha wanted to do the same thing, I'm sure.

It is her version of keeping up with the Jones'. Once again, she exhibits the same traits we all do; she is just not subtle about it. She will say, "Well, Jacob is buying new clothes. Why can't I?"


I think America does have Buyers Remorse and that is why so much of America is in trouble financially. I would also say I have experienced this myself and am learning lessons about this in the present time. It is so hard not to want to have it all, but sometimes we can't have it all, because no matter what it costs us something, whether our money or our peace within ourselves.

I hate spending money on myself and will sometimes have buyers remorse because of this. I just have to remember sometimes it's ok to get myself a little something.