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I have never before purchased a Powerball ticket, but with the frenzy going on, Kalisha and I decided to each buy one last night. With the purchase, of course, comes the necessary "fantasizing." As we drove home, we discussed what we would do with the money if we won it.

I can't comprehend $500 million and we all know that Kalisha has a lot of trouble with money and the worth of things so it was a most interesting conversation.

"Would it be enough to pay for our house?" she asked.

"Oh yeah. Our house and all of your siblings' houses, too. With lots more left over. We could have a house in several states."

"Could we fly to Texas to see Kari (her sister) whenever we wanted?"

"We could probably buy our own plane."

We both had a chuckle over that. We talked about the charities we both would help. She thought putting a LOT of money into one of the Salvation Army kettles would be fun. We discussed saving and investing, etc.

Then we talked about how money, no matter how much you have, is still just money. We weren't denying how much fun it would be to win, just that money isn't the "cure-all" for everything.

I asked, "Would money make you taller, or get you a driver's license?" (Granted, she could hire her own driver, but I didn't suggest that.) "Would it make you typical; to not be autistic?"

"Nope, the only thing that is really important isn't money, but having Jesus in your heart," she said.

Then she added, "And money wouldn't get rid of your gray hair or make you younger, either, would it, Mom?"

No, but I bet I could make a good stab at it ... laughing too hard. Obviously, she thinks those are two things that are important to me. I don't think I ever talk about either one, but maybe I do. I had better re-evaluate my priorities, hadn't I?



Yeah it is so funny what money can and cannot do. Money can help others, but it also can hurt others. Money can be saved or spent. You can't take money with you to the grave, so why hoard it all here while we are on earth. I hope those that won the PowerBall will change those lives around them that need the help and maybe help themselves also. I know that is what I would do if I had that much money.

my husband got tickets for the powerball too. I'm not really into buying tickets for that kind of stuff but he likes to try it sometimes. If we ever won there are soo many charities I would like to help. I would just like to keep living not much different than I am now. We would def. put money aside for our kids schooling

That is exactly what the people should do that win the powerball, but that is all up to them for sure.

It was fun to dream for a while...and my husband and I often do that. :) We do play...he more so than I, and we both bought tickets for that drawing. It would have been nice to win a slice of the pie. lol