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As some of you who regularly read this blog already know, Kalisha faces consequences if she does not fulfill her commitments. Her commitments include two volunteer mornings and 1 cooking class on Friday. She actually likes all of them once she gets there and she has made many new friends. They are positive experiences for her and they keep her active.

She sometimes feels, as everyone does at times, that she really doesn't want to go. People who don't get up and go to their place of employment will usually lose some pay or, eventually, may lose their job. Kalisha faces the loss of her phone and her laptop. It began with her phone but as much as she loves her phone, she could handle not having it as long as she could go to her computer and read her emails and Facebook. So-o-o, the addition of losing the computer too became necessary.

This past week, her niece was ill and couldn't go to school. Kalisha saw an opportunity not to go to her cooking class. She suddenly became ill also. I have said many times just how truthful she is and she always tells me the truth. I think she still is for the most part, but obviously has learned to be a little deceitful. Perhaps she convinced herself she didn't feel good, but I know her too well.

I took her phone and her laptop. She was so angry at me. She stayed in her room and pouted for a while. Then she called her dad to see if she could come live with him. (She won't even go there for a few hours to visit and now she's going to live there ... right!) An hour later, I found her in the living room with the phone book open to the Yellow Pages. I asked who she was looking for.

"I'm going to call a lawyer and get my dad to be my legal guardian. I don't want you to be."

I looked at the phone book on her lap. She was looking in the "L"s. My comment to her was, "You need to look in the 'A' section, because they are listed as attorneys, not lawyers." I left the room.

Soon I heard her saying, "Yes, I found you in the Yellow Pages and I want to make an appointment."

I have no idea what kind of attorney she called, but I hung the phone up before she could actually make an appointment and I sent her to her room.

After five kids, you would think I would be used to the "I want to live with Susie's parents. They let her do whatever she wants," or "You are the meanest mom I know," or I'd rather live anywhere but here." Blah, blah, blah. This time, it really hurt my feelings. She went to her room and grumped and I went to my room and cried. But I did not give her phone and laptop back to her until the time was up.

After she stewed for a while, she told me she was sorry and asked me to please forgive her.

I'm hiding the phone books!


Oh, Gloria, this made me laugh and have compassion for your heart that was hurt. I really enjoy reading your writing and am grateful you shared this.


What a wonderful, personal post. I can just picture you and Kalisha locked in this battle of wills!