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Today marks the last week of summer vacation at our house. This news brings me a bit of a heavy heart. I love summer. Specifically, I love having my kids home with no homework, projects, tests, limited practices, late bedtimes, and that free-and-easy feeling that begins the last day of school.

What I know is that once school starts, time seems to speed up. There will be football and cross country season until October, then wrestling season, and before we  know it, we're into the holidays. After that, we are counting down to spring break (which this year will most likely be spent visiting colleges for our son -- talk about a heavy heart) and then anticipating summer once again. A whole year ... just like that.

This is the rhythm of our lives. In summer the beat is naturally slower, but as fall draws near it seems to speed up, and I have be much more intentional to slow down and remember it's not just about getting through and managing our schedules. This is why I love summer: I don't have as much to manage, its more about simply creating experiences and memories.

"Slow Down ... Life in Progress" is a saying on my kitchen wall. It's there because I need the reminder that this is our life. With one in college already, I am reminded at this time of year how fleeting our time is with our kids; in the last twelve months, our daughter lived with us just three, and she leaves again in two weeks.

So for now, I will be intentional to soak in the moments. It won't be easy with the list of things that have to be done (we have yet to purchase school supplies), so even as my mind is speeding up, I will begin the process of slowing it down. I will look them in the eye, we will go on late-night walks, we will talk about fun experiences we have had this summer, and I will hug them tight and be grateful that we don't have year-round school!