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I do realize you are all mighty tired of reading about Kalisha and her love of the Indianapolis Colts, but if you are tired of it, you should live in our house. :)  They are such an integral part of her life and loves. I have one more story to tell and then I will post about something else. I promise.

Last week, while Kalisha was volunteering, I brought the mail inside. There was a Priority Mail box addressed to her. My first thought was she had purchased something on eBay, but she always tells me when she does that. I could hardly wait for her to get home, so I could see what was inside.

When she walked in the door, I immediately asked, "Did you buy something on eBay?"

She looked at the return address and said, "No, this is from Coach Pagano's sister."

Bewildered Me said, "Coach Pagano's sister? How in the world do you know Coach Pagano's sister?"

"Oh, we've been e-mailing back and forth."

"Really? About what?"

"These are Coach Strong bracelets. I told her I would hand them out to people to make people know more about his cancer ... leukemia."

Of course, my next question was, "Do you have to sell them?"

"No, they are free."

By that time, she had the box open and had one of the bracelets on her wrist.

Several things amaze me. 1) She actually was e-mailing his sister; not that she's a celebrity or anything, but still....

2) Kalisha has such a tender heart. She puts Coach Pagano's name on our prayer list at church each Sunday, along with anyone else she feels needs prayer and she prays for his recovery daily.

I learn new things about her every day, it seems.


Such a great post! We are all praying as well for Coach Pagano and that he recovers soon.

I now click on your posts to see what Kalisha has accomplished this time. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. I love that! I'm sure she touched Coach Pagano's sister and I'm sure anyone she passes those bracelets out to will be impressed with the story of how she got them. What a sweetheart!

We are also praying for Coach Pagano...we're huge Colts fans!

Did you hear about the event at Scotty's in indy where fans could come in and shave their heads in support of the coach? It's great how people are supporting him any way they can. Through bracelets or shaving heads and I'm sure there are other great ways people are showing support as well.

I did not hear about that. I knew several players shaved their heads in support of him, including Luck. I agree, it is quite a testimony to him, considering he hardly had time to be their coach before he was diagnosed. Thank you for the comment.

Well now 2 of the cheerleaders shaved their heads also. What great support to him and showing that they care so much about him.

what great girls