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I was looking through pictures a few days ago, searching for a particular one, when I found this one. It made me smile for several reasons. The first thought I had when I looked at it closely, was. "Oh my gosh. Kalisha had a phone in her hand then already."

Isn't it funny how some things and places become etched in our memory and we can see the entire scenario like it just happened yesterday? I distinctly remember this picture and why I took it. She was sitting up by herself and laughing hysterically. I wasn't sure what she was laughing about, but she couldn't stop. The more she laughed ... the more she laughed.

She was really behind in her sitting up, crawling — all of the motor skills. I was somewhat concerned but continued to tell myself that she had no reason to do those things: all of her older siblings were doing them for her. They carried her around and held her most of the time, so she didn't have a chance to learn to do it.

As I think back on it, I believe I knew in my heart there was something "not quite right" but I had no idea what it was. The pediatrician brushed my concerns aside and told me there was nothing wrong. Later in her life, I saw her medical records and it was recorded that she had a small head, her bottom jaw was back too far and several other signs of mental retardation, but they let me believe all was well. Cowards!

When the doctor finally authorized some testing, it was begrudgingly. Then when he evaluated the tests, I was told I should find a "home" for her because she would never advance beyond where she was. I have often thought I should take Kalisha in to see him and ask if he would like her to help him program his iPhone. LOL!

It all worked out for the best for Kalisha and what I really wanted to share with you was the fact that she was a very happy baby. Obviously, no one told HER she had a problem.