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Kalisha is not going trick-or-treating tonight, mainly because she is too old (although she doesn't think so) it is cold and wet and she attended a costume party/dance at a provider facility here in town last weekend. She has been invited for a couple of years, but has always declined. I encourage her to go, but she never has wanted to. This year was different because the girls in her cooking class were going and since she knew them, she was ready to go.

You will never guess what she wanted to be ... a Colts football player. That's a surprise, isn't it? She has never been real cracked up about costumes. I think it is a sensory, claustrophobic kind of thing. When she was little, I made her costumes; she was a Crayola crayon, a pumpkin, a cowgirl and various other things. I thought that since she owns everything Colts already, this costume would be no effort at all. Right! She went on a "helmet search." She called every store in Fort Wayne, literally, and no one had a plastic helmet, not even the Halloween stores and not Stoner's, either. It must not be the year for dressing as a football player.

She posted on Facebook that she needed one. She even managed to get the phone number of a local high school's football coach. I asked if she was really going to call a complete stranger and ask for a practice helmet. Her answer was, "Well, I need one." Any means to justify the end result. She didn't need to resort to calling him; her brother-in-law offered a helmet he had in grade school. I painted horseshoes on it, was willing to make shoulder pads to wear under one of her jerseys and dug up a couple of temporary Colts face tattoos.

As the day wore on, she started dropping things off the list. She didn't want the tattoos, didn't want to wear shoulder pads, thought the jersey was too tight and didn't want to carry a football. Okay, so we are down to the helmet. "I'll just carry it and put it on for the judging, ok?"

The objective here was to get her to go to the party, so at this point, she could have gone in her pajamas, I didn't care. When I dropped her off, she put her helmet on the table and sat down. When I picked her up, she was in a group of people dancing to 'We Are Fam-i-ly'.......yes!

I asked if she ever put the helmet on. She said, "No, but I had a great time."

I'm pretty sure if it had been one of my other four kids, they would have heard about how long it took to paint that horseshoe, etc. All I said to Kalisha, was "Well, now you have a helmet decoration for your room." Yes, I know, she is probably a spoiled brat, but she went to the dance and had a good time. That's all I cared about. The next party is a Christmas dance. I already know not to expect her to dress up.


Why spoiled brat? I couldn't disagree more. Kalisha knows what she wants and she works to make it happen. That makes her determined...and honestly, who cares if she changes her mind? It affects her and not anyone least where this party and her costume were concerned. I love reading about Kalisha...and learn a lot from her (and yours posts). I say kudos to Kalisha for stepping out of her comfort zone and going to a party when it would have been easier to stay home. If it were me...I would have likely stayed home! :)

You are certainly correct about her stepping out of her comfort zone. I actually tease her occasionally about being spoiled and she totally agrees with me. In this case, I guess I said it because I let her not wear the helmet even for a few minutes of judging and if it had been any of my other 4 typical kids, I can hear myself saying, "Listen, I spent 2 hours painting it because you wanted it, not me, so you WILL wear it for a few minutes." The term spoiled brat originated (in our conversations) with Kalisha. She asked me one time, "So, am I doing this (I can't remember what action of hers prompted it) because I'm autistic or just because I am being a spoiled brat?"  Ah-h-h, due to her high-functioning in many areas,  occasionally, that is the question.

I truly enjoy reading your posts. I enjoy reading about Kalisha and different situations that arise, but I mostly like hearing how you deal with them. I'm guessing you don't sweat the small stuff...something I need to learn. :)

That is so neat she wanted to be Colts football player. But it is really funny that she decided not to wear the helmet at the party. But she sill remember and appreciate what you did for her, maybe not now, but many years later!

What a great costume! It's ok she didn't wear the helmet. I don't know many of us that would keep a helmet on for very long either.