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Before I can re-create our conversation this morning, I need to give a little background. Kalisha usually gets up early, eats a bowl of cereal, then goes back to bed.

We own a dog named Iggy. He is a wonderful dog; however, he will eat anything that doesn't eat him first, which leads to some interesting "dog doo" at times.

Kalisha is not much of a conversationalist in the early mornings and anything she does say is, as always, very factual and concrete; no extra words or explanations. She can be quite humorous without meaning to be.

Once in a great while ... maybe once every two months, Iggy will not wait until someone gets up to let him out and he will leave a "deposit" on the floor. It is always nice and tidy — if you don't step in it in the dark.

Having said all that, here is our conversation this morning at 6 a.m.

Me: (coming down the stairs and looking at the living room floor in the dark) "What in the world is that?"

Kalisha: (sitting on couch eating her cereal) "What?"

Me: "Right there, on the rug."

Kalisha: "Where?"

Me: "There. Did Iggy poop in the house again?"

Kalisha: "I don't know. I don't see anything."

Me (pointing): "Kalisha, look. Right there."

Kalisha: "Dog poop doesn't have wheels."

Me: "Wheels?! What the heck did he eat that had wheels?"

Kalisha: "Mom, It's one of those little skateboards."

Me: "Oh ... "

Kalisha: "If he pooped and it had wheels, we could just roll it out instead of picking it up."

Me: "Yeah, I guess you're right. I think I'll make coffee now."

I was laughing so hard, partly because of the exchange we just had and partly because Kalisha acts like we talk about dog poop on wheels every morning.


Thank you for writing this!! It's one of those days where I needed to have a good laugh...and I just did.

I did a belly laugh on this one! You are way too funny with your word skill of optical illusion. I found myself looking at the floor contemplating if I would use a paper towel to roll it along, or pick it up for further examination .. and I don't even have a dog!! lol.

Kalisha must have Igg's digestion procedure all figured out. Aren't you thankful Kalisha is happy having a dog as a pet -- and didn't have her heart set on an elephant!!

God's blessings to go with your morning coffee; and to Kalisha to go with her cereal .. Marilyn

I am definitely glad she didn't want an elephant. LOL OR anything any bigger than Iggy. We have owned several Great Danes in the past (at a different with lots of yard) but their 'leavings' would require more than a tiny skateboard to roll out :)