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OK, so I know this isn't a weighty topic, but I think after the winter we've had, it's time for a little happiness.

I battle depression daily, and with the gloomy days, lack of sunshine and freezing cold days have taken their toll. Maybe that's why I've glommed onto Pharrell Williams' "Happy" song and play it on repeat throughout the day.

I mean, who can argue with his lyrics: "Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof/Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth"? In my battles with depression, I have to believe that happiness is the truth of my life and those evil thoughts that dance around the periphery of my mind are the lies. Otherwise, if the lies are the truth, I might as well give up.

With "Happy," Pharrell and his weird hats have given me a lifeline at this tail-end of winter. So he didn't win the Oscar for best song: to me, this song has done more to lift my spirits than "Let It Go" ever could.

I saw both "Frozen" (from whence "Let It Go" came) and "Despicable Me 2" (the origin of "Happy") but neither song made much of an impact on me at the time of viewing. It was only later when my son was singing "Happy" to himself that I got hooked on the simple melody and rhythmic clapping. And then I found that Pharrell created what he's calling the "first 24-hour music video" with people lip-syncing and dancing through the streets (and grocery stories, gas stations and cemeteries) of Los Angeles to the song. The website,, is now bookmarked on my computer, and I just clap on my headphones and click the link for an instant dose of "Happy."

So OK, I'm a little obsessive when I find a song that seems to resonate with me. Breakup with a guy? It's Alanis Morissette and "You Oughta Know." Working out? It's Madonna. Depressed in winter? "Happy" it is.

Clap along with me! Cain't nothin' bring me down!