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Last Wednesday was Kalisha's birthday. She loves celebrating her birthday. Chronologically she may be 29, but when it comes to birthdays, she is still 10 or 12. She likes the celebration, but always is wondering what gifts, if any, she will get.

In our family, you stop receiving presents from extended family and siblings after you reach the 18- or 20-year-old mark. Of course, that rule doesn't apply to parents. I always buy her something, usually a DVD, because that is what she always wants. This year, she asked for a Colts stocking hat, the kind with tassels or braids hanging down from the ear pieces.

She started her day volunteering at the food bank. When I picked her up, she had a dozen cupcakes from the ladies who volunteer with her. Then we went hat shopping. We found just what she wanted. There was also one with a white horse mane going over the top like a Mohawk haircut. She tried both of them on. I told her it was her choice. Thankfully, she chose the other one. I took a picture of both of them; I wish you could see the "mane" picture. LOL!

From there, we went to Bandido's for lunch. This is an annual tradition, not only because she loves their taco salad, but because it is free on your birthday. Our server was phenomenol. She was the kind of person you wish would wait on every special-needs kid. She and Kalisha talked "Colts" of course.

When asked, she explained to Kalisha why their chips are so light and crispy. Then she brought the whole crew to sing "Happy Birthday" to Kalisha. She was surprised and totally enjoyed it. When we got ready to leave, she brought Kalisha a bag of their chips and a container of salsa to take home as a birthday gift.

After that, we went to my doctor appointment where she sat and read her stack of books for two hours and never complained. For dinner, I made her favorite meal: Chicken-broccoli alfredo, with NO chicken in hers. All in all, it was a great day.

On Sunday, we had a family party. That was not such a great day. You can read about that at