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So it's a day after New Year's and I haven't made my resolutions yet, but maybe these will stick this year:

1. I resolve to get my work done before the last possible minute (this blog is due at noon and it's now 1:45 p.m.).

2. I resolve to stop whining about every stubbed toe and hangnail.

3. I resolve to read more and browse less.

4. I resolve to take better care of my aging carcass.

5. I resolve to take a least one deep breath every hour.

6. I resolve to drink at least one full  glass of water a day. More would be better.

7. I resolve to laugh more and cry less.

8. I resolve to tell people their eyes are sparkling, their smiles are wide and their shoes are untied.

9. I resolve to kiss more and scold less.

10. I resolve to try one new thing every day.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

1 Comment

This is the kind of resolution list we should all be making. To be better PEOPLE is the most precious thing we can give our families and our friends, heck the world around us! Kudos! I've made the same kind of list this year. The top things on my list are to add more joy, to laugh more, and to do more things that make me happy!