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First recipe conquered — next!

Kalisha packs her lunch on Monday evening to take with her on Tuesday when she volunteers in the kindergarten room at Holy Cross Lutheran School.

Get your ice-cold programs

Are you tired of hearing about Kalisha and her work experiences ? You should probably get used to it, becuase I'm pretty sure there will be many more before the summer is over.

Another day, another job

Wednesday was the first day of another job for Kalisha; another day of being excited and nervous and almost giddy. That would apply to Kalisha AND me, except for the giddy part.

Nervous? Who is nervous?

Today is opening day ay Parkview Field in Fort Wayne. Yay! Many baseball fans have anxiously been awaiting this day.

All is right with the world again

Several weeks ago, I wrote about Kalisha dropping her iPhone 5 when she didn't have a cover on it. She had never dropped any of her phones; not in the toilet, not at the park, not anywhere.

Give me wisdom, not wisdom teeth

I have been hearing and thinking about Kalisha's wisdom teeth for way too long; I have no wisdom left.

My brand, please

As I was making a list of items needed on the next shopping trip, I noticed Kalisha's bottle of mouthwash was nearly empty. Her tube of toothpaste had the life squeezed out of it, too.

Finally reading it

Many people have asked me how long it took to write the book about Kalisha.

Oh noooooooooo!

As nearly everyone knows, Kalisha is a techie kind of girl.

Mixin' it up

Kalisha likes to do her own grocery shopping, with her own cart. After several mishaps we have come to an agreement.